Welcome to Mama Body Love

You belong here.

If you’ve ever thought you were fat, changed your outfit 10 times before leaving the house, or wondered when you were going to lose all your baby weight, YOU BELONG HERE.

If you’ve doubted yourself, or done what was best for other people, or thought you didn’t measure up, YOU BELONG HERE.

Maybe you thought you’d be happier when you were thinner/more fit/wore a smaller pants size/without your stretch marks. YOU TOO BELONG HERE.

If you’re more likely to think of reasons why not than reasons why, YOU BELONG HERE.

If you’ve tried all the diets, long for the days of feeling strong, or know you can be your own worst enemy, YOU BELONG HERE.

If you want to lose weight, but don’t have the same kind of time for healthy eating and exercise as you used to, YOU BELONG HERE.

If you’re tired of second guessing yourself, YOU BELONG HERE.

Welcome. I’m so happy you’re home!

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